Addicted to Love

What is love? My parents, my husband and my 18 month old bless me with the utmost joy and happiness.

But, honestly, who do I have a standing date with Monday through Friday? Who makes me return slavishly to them over and over again. It’s not my dear baby, or anyone that can hug me back. It’s not even a person, but an inanimate object that spreads the joy and love like no other. I can’t stay away, even when warned of the consequences. You see, I have a standing date with my favorite “flash” shopping website. Yes, I mentioned this late last year, but now I am truly addicted with no sign of recovery in sight.


Each day at 11AM, I shovel organic broccoli and tomatoes into my child’s mouth. Okay, truthfully, I chop them up and scatter it on her lead-free plate, so she can feed herself because this will buy me some time to rush to my keyboard to log in to and They’ve got fresh top brands, which they discount like crazy for 24-48 hours. You better buy it or it will be gone forever. Prada, Gucci, Alexander McQueen! (I salivate over Mr. McQueen, but unlike Sarah Jessica, I can barely afford his t-shirts. But I love to “just look.”) Once the items sell out on the site, it’s curtains. You’re out stone cold, and if you didn’t commit and click on those Joe’s Jeans, then forget about it! The key is to log on exactly at 11am to chase the best deals.

I’ve bought watches, shoes, jewelry and shoes all from top designer brands. Oh, yes. Got some Prada sunglasses for $150 bucks. Whoo hoo! I’ve also lost out on some incredible deals on Burberry and Versace handbags. I ask myself…why did I even leave the house?

At 12 noon, I log on to,,, (As I was writing this blog, I got distracted and had to buy some $39 Large Disc Drop Earrings from Bling and Things by Nathan and Moe. Ah hem! I’m back to writing again.)

Many of us know about these shopping sites, but let’s spread the love. These site are allegedly, “members only”, so you need an invite from a current “member”. Yours truly is a member and you know what they say about trying to become a member of a club….

But, dear reader, if you write me at and give me your email address, I can sign you up for all the sites I mentioned. But don’t blame me, when you have no life at 11am, or are caught trying to distract your co-workers so they can’t see your screen. Good luck!

(Oh…..check out this Romeo and Juliet sleeveless tunic, regularly priced at $152 but now $53 dollars….)