Rolling Fashion Show

Mom always said never to mix business with pleasure, but would she approve of mixing business with shopping?

Rack and Roll Clothing is a “mobile boutique” in Philadelphia that schleps their wares around town to host personal trunk shows featuring the hottest styles of the season.  Because Rack and Roll works to accommodate your schedule, coordinating the events at a time and place convenient for you (yes, you can even have it at the office!), the “mobile boutique” concept is ideal for gals-on-the-go and stay-at-home moms, alike.


 Oh, but what would Mom say about overindulging?

 To reward the fashionistas that decide to host the trunk shows, Rack and Roll gives 10% of what the boutique sells in free clothing back to you (-- typically resulting in hundreds of dollars worth of style)! 

 Personal trunk shows, free clothing… It’s too good be true!

 So, ladies, it looks like business and shopping just may be a winning combination after all, because this is surely one fashion proposition even Mom would approve of!

Oh, and be sure to check out their latest “bra bling,” the perfect accessory for summer!

For more information on Rack and Roll Clothing and hosting your own trunk show, visit