Blog: Paycheck Palette: Don't be Blue!

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Bright periwinkle blue looks fabulous on black. Add a black blazer and you’re blazing hot for the office or drinks after work. This top would look amazing over a white skirt or grey pants, depending on the season. Louis Lanzano/AP Photo

Okay, I’m sick of wearing turtlenecks and the cold! It wasn’t my imagination. The National Weather Service said this January was significantly more shiver-me-timbers than last January. Great. Our pocketbooks took a pounding from the economy and Old Man Winter.

With spring’s arrival, it’s time to kick off the woolens and dive into something fresh and inspiring. However, to get the most out of your clothing dollar, here are a few guidelines that may make getting dressed in the morning easier and less expensive.

One formula that that works: forgo florals! Yep. We know that not having those pansy patterned pants can be painful. Floral prints are so tempting this time of year. You want to smell the flowers and look like one. But the freshness of florals can wear off quickly; and you won’t be able to dig out that faded rose of an outfit year after year.

If you want to update your wardrobe this spring, go ahead and be tempted by solid-colored blouses and tops in a lovely bright hue; like pink, yellow, aqua blue, purple and orange. These colors make the transition easily to any season, and all it requires is a neutral palette to lay these bright colors upon! So, in spring, pair these brights against a palette of neutral cream colored skirts or pants with nude colored heels. In summer, bright tops look sensational with white shirts, capris, short or mid-length skirts and a nude colored or bright colored shoe. In the fall, pair your brights with grey trousers, skirts, tights and shoes. In winter, black is so very slimming and with that jolt of color, it will make you feel positively sunny.

Umm, I’m feeling a bulge in my wallet….

Dear viewer, what are your strategies to save money on your wardrobe?