Blog: New Yorkers Race to PA!

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Why so glum, ladies? Just pretend you are working on “Cousin It”! (It takes two hair stylists to wrangle my hair into submission.)

Lights camera action….road trip!

What would get 15 New York City high-fashion stylists, makeup artists, producers and photographers to get up at 5am and load into 2 vans for a rush hour drive all the way to West Chester, Pennsylvania? Well, Salon Moxi, of course.

Salon Moxi is a sleek, as close-to-a-New York City-hairstyling experience in West Chester as you can get. They’re located in the Painter’s Crossing Mall where 202 and Route 1 meet, across from the TGIFridays. The location sounds positively suburban, but the décor is surprisingly city-slicker chic; from the custom colored concrete floor to the soaring industrial ceilings, this is not-just-your-usual strip mall hair care experience.

L’oreal booked me as one of two models for their new professional hair color line called Socolor. They wanted to put the spotlight on professional salons around the country, including Salon Moxi. The salon has been open for almost a year and owner Sam Lavella has 25 years worth of experience working with ‘da tresses.

 My goh-rgeous make-up artist, Orlando Santiago is half Puerto Rican and Jamaican. He was pre-med before he got decided to get into the world of  straight-guy make-up artists. This a rare breed, indeed. He used a high tech spray machine to disperse foundation evenly all over my face. My skin looked really flawless. Plus the machine was very "directional" so the spray didn’t get in my hair or on my clothing.

While Orlando is straight,  top stylist David de La Cruz claims he is gay. He better be, since he helps women get dressed and undressed. But when I told him he had the prettiest green eyes, he blushed and gave me a very “straight guy” look. Uh oh. He just saw me in my knickers! When I asked him whom his most memorable client was, he replied "Diana Ross" (yep, he is gay). He called her “very interesting” and said he “felt like a bit player in a surreal movie when she was around.”

Postscript: At the end of the day, the entire crew had to trudge back to NYC. Ha! I just hopped down the turnpike and was home in a jiffy. Before the shoot, my agent had promised that they wouldn’t be coloring my hair. But of course, they did. Now, I’ve got to pay someone to get back my so-called "natural-looking” highlights! Life as a model, huh! LOL!

Dear Viewers, name your favorite salon and why. Help a gal out, beautiful girlfriend!