New Year's Resolute

My New Year’s resolution? Write more blogs! (My producers are saying…ya, right, hold your breath)

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We have so much fun here at SnapGlow.TV. As Executive Producer, I oversee every aspect of the production of our videos and our photo galleries. The pace is fast and furious so it is sometimes hard to sit down and recount it all.


So much for that lame apologia!


Alrighty now. With the weather changing from cold to colder and the wind whipping our skins into tangled, mangled flesh…it’s time to spoil ourselves a little with big results and on a tight budget.


That said…we are working on a delectable story that involves delicious foods, like almonds, oatmeal, berries and mint tea. It’s all about using wholesome food to not only nourish your insides, but nourish your face as well. We interviewed the lovely Elina Safin of AboutPhace ( whose devotion to perfect skin is obvious. She calls herself a Gourmet pHacialist. And you wouldn’t believe what she can do with baking soda!! Cheap and highly effective is the best way to describe it. Just the way this SnapGlowGirl likes it.


This video airs later this month. Hold your breath!