'Man Buffet': Best Gal/Guy Ratio

 A funny thing happened on the way to the Vail ski slope: I had to wade through a whole snowdrift of men. Yes, there were layers and layers of them, covered in equipment, manly-man outfits and carrying myriad snow equipment, skis and snowboards.  They came in all shapes and sizes, some burly, some fit, but all of them were mountain guys or trying to be.


Now don’t get me wrong, as a stodgy married woman, wearing a one-piece ski suit from the 1980’s, I got narry a glance from any of them. But I thought of all my single lady friends who would have an absolute blast hanging out here. A perfect single girlfriends’ vacation; ski all day, get free drinks all night.


Reports are the ratio of men to women is 7 to 1 in Vail. In bars and restaurants, it’s an ocean of testosterone. One girl on the chairlift with me crowed that she was one of only a handful of women at a bar where she got plenty of attention. Some have called Vail a “man buffet”. I say Bon Appetite!