Make it Last! Beauty in Your 30's

Our latest video, "Beauty at 30" was a blast to shoot. Our model, Oskana, from Expressions Models and Talent Agency is such, well, a stunner. The camera doesn’t do her justice! Greer Lange, of Expressions Models ( in Philadelphia hooked us up with the location. We were able to shoot at Mike Lemon Casting (, one of the top agencies of its kind in Philadelphia. There were many large and impressive movie posters which adorned their waiting room. They've cast all the M. Night Shyamalan movies there. We were supposed to shoot in their studios, but found this cool, post-industrial staircase in the building as a background instead. The peeling and cracking paint in the corridor was a perfect foil for Oskana's flawless skin. Beauty is not only in the realm of women in their 30's, but for women in their 40's, 50's and 60's and beyond. We've found some incredible models for future stories. You won't believe how young they look. We stopped just short of asking where they stowed that portrait of Dorian Grey, but we did manage to pry out their amazing beauty secrets.  Here's to beauty at any age!