Fashion Week: Get Schooled!

Philadelphia Fashion Week’s “School Night” sure gave us an education here at SnapGlow! After watching gorgeous collection after gorgeous collection parade down the runway, we went backstage to hear from the fledgling student designers themselves on everything from inspiration and favorite pieces, to advice for other aspiring designers. Here are three fabulous lessons we learned from the equally fabulous (and inspiring!) fashion mavericks:

1. Inspiration is key! Most of the designers we spoke to had a single image or idea in mind before creating their collection. For Erica Reed, of Drexel University, it was as concrete as “the silhouette of a Spanish violin,” but others, like Daimon Arrington of the Art Insitute, had a more, uh, fluid point of reference in mind—his inspiration was water! The point is, there has to be a starting point from which everything else just flows (and we promise, no more water puns for the rest of this post!).

2. Don’t procrastinate! At least three of the designers we spoke to emphasized that putting things off was their biggest pitfall. “Drink coffee, keep going, don’t stop!” warned the Art Institutes’s Paula Sim, who showed her collection on the runway at Fashion Week for the first time. So get started early, and stick to your timeline…or you will regret it later.

3. Never give up! With any job, there are struggles and setbacks, and this is especially true in creative fields like fashion. Practically everyone we interviewed stressed that there will be hard times, but to persevere. As Riona Faith O’Malley, from Drexel U., put it: “Fashion can really wear you out!” Still, everyone we talked to urged their fellow designers to stick to their guns and live their dreams. Simple, but sometimes difficult, we know!

So, make sure to check out our soon-to-be-posted videos and galleries from Philly Fashion Week, because there will be more words of wisdom, revelations, and of course, tons of beautiful clothes from all of the designers to come! (ck)

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