Out of the Closet

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Out with the old and in with the new! That's what we all have to do this spring. I know I'm the perfect candidate. I hoard things in my closet, because they "remind me of my first job", or "for certain will be back in fashion", like my white gauzy harem pants. I just know they'll come back and when they do I'll be the first one to strut down Walnut Street with them weariing a pair of gold lame sandals I also have. Joan Shepp, eat your heart out! Uh...yea...keep on dreamin', Jeannie!


But some of us are altogether more altrustic. Instead of clearing out closets to stuff more clothes inside, a local fashion-forward teen cleaned out her closet and encouraged friends and family to do the same all in the name of community service.  


Vincentown resident Macy Pratt collected a total of 65 pairs of jeans from friends and family as part of Aéropostale’s Teens for Jeans campaign at Cherry Hill Mall. Together, the Cherry Hill Mall’s Style Squad collected over 300 pairs of jeans, which will be donated to Camden ’s Center For Family Services.

Okay, so this girl now has guilted me into giving up my beloved clothes for someone who can actually use them AND fit in them.

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