Superwomen, Guns and Steel

She’s a lively one!

Melanie C. Brandon , the designer behind her, well, almost eponymous line, Melani Von Alexandria talked to us excitedly right after her fashion show at Philadelphia Fashion Week. It was a freaky freezing evening, but she exuded the warmth and excitement of a true Phillies fan during a play-off series.

Like our men in red, this hometown Philly gal is someone to watch. She’s been a participant for the past four years in Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, “7th on 6th” and received the 2003 New York Indie Award for Best Designer of the Year.

Her Spring 2010 collection celebrates the force of femininity and is called  “Superwomen in Flight”. “Fashion should make women feel confident! You walk into a room with one of my outfits and I hope it will help get you respect and attention,” she says. Brandon’s ethereal collection was filled with Japanese construction, delicate obis, silk jersey, romantic Victorian draping and ostrich feathers, feathers, feathers.

Time warp back to 2008. I loved her Spring 2008 collection which featured the melted-down guns that had been confiscated by the Philadelphia Police Department. She turned them into wearable art. Her website notes,“The blend of hard metal and soft fabrics is compelling. Reflects the duality that is the diversity of Philadelphia”
Take apart an Uzi and create a piece of jewelry.
Yes, perfectly compelling.

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