“Found” Money Couldn’t be More Fashionable

One of my girlfriends called and literally shrieked, “I just got 500 bucks!”  My eardrums were pierced by the sheer volume of her voice, but they perked up, as well. She told me about an amazing website, not something trendy, mind you, but one that was entirely ho-hum and bureaucratic. What’s the magic? Money, baby. Cold, hard cash.

It’s the website for the State of Pennsylvania’s Treasury Department’s Bureau of Unclaimed Property. You literally type in your name, and voila (!), any unclaimed property that belongs to you pops up on the screen. You might have moved and changed your address and that check never made it to you. If you lived out-of-state, the website has some links to other states that you can try as well.  I typed in my name, and alas, fair viewer, I got nada. But it certainly was worth the try!

Coincidentally, Rob McCord is a wonderfully exuberant guy and is always thinking about how he can make our fine state a better place to live. He heads up the Eastern Technology Council and is our newly elected State Treasurer. We went to the outdoor Beyonce/Bono concert for President Obama’s Inauguration back in January. It was blustery cold day in the bone-chilling 20's and he didn’t have a hat. It’s a miracle he didn’t get sick for his own Inauguration. We had so much fun singing “We are the world” together, that he simply “forgot” to tell me about his “little” cash-give-away website. I had to hear it from one of my trusty girlfriends. Men!

Go to: http://www.patreasury.org/Unclaimed/Search.html

Dear viewer, check it out. Did it work for you? Where are we going for lunch?

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