World Serieous Move

You can catch up with some material in my previous post about Marreese Speights and some fun stuff from around the NBA later. Right now, in the midst of the World Series, this takes precedence.

If the Phillies are involved in a Game 6 with the Tampa  Bay Rays in Florida Wednesday night, the Sixers will open their regular season against the Toronto raptors an hour earlier.

Here's the official plan:

If there's a Game 6, the Sixers-Raptors will tip off at 6 p.m. rather than 7 p.m., Sixers senior vice-president Lara Price said just after 5 o'clock. That way, fans in the Wachovia Center can remain in the AT&T Pavilion in the Wachovia Center to watch the baseball game.

And, oh yeah, there will be some food and drink specials.

And . . . The Sixers are terming this a post-game event a block party, free and open to the public.

Outstanding move.