Will Sixers make move by trade deadline?

Over the past few days, as the trade deadline looms tomorrow, president Rod Thorn has been pestered endlessly whether the Sixers will be an active participant. Usually his answer has been the same, that nothing major appears to be on the horizon.

Speaking with Thorn this afternoon, it was pretty much the same, although he did seem to get into a little more detail that makes me think the Sixers might do something. Not something major, but something that could helpt the team as it tries to secure a first round home playoff series.

When asked if anything was going on, Thorn pretty much reiterated what he has been saying to the media for the past week or so. "I have been on the phone talking with people all day," he said this afternoon. He was not in attendance at the team's morning shootaround at Bankers Life Fieldhouse here in Indianapolis. "There is nothing major going on with us. We haven't done anything yet and the possibility of us doing something major doesn't appear to be very high."

That all was pretty much a given. It appears the team is satisfied with many of their young players and are still evaluating others.

But when pressed and asked if he were to make a move, what kind of player would he be looking for, Thorn kind of took a different tone. He was very specific in what he would want, making me believe that something might be happening.

Here is what he said: "With Evan Turner in the starting lineup right now we really are missing some size coming off the bench at the guard spot. Lou Williams has done a great job for us off the bench and Jodie Meeks should make the adjustment from starter to reserve pretty easily, but they are both on the small side. We would like to have a bigger guard to be able to come off the bench and provide some size and strength."

When someone talks in specifics like that, especially a team president a day before the trading deadline, it would appear that something might be close to getting done.

As for names, that's a little tricky. The Sixers do have a trade exception, meaning they could get a player for a draft pick without having to give up another player. They were afforded that when they traded Marreese Speights to the Memphis Grizzlies for a couple of second round picks. But it appears clear that the type of player they are looking to get is a big two guard who can shoot a little bit, defend and be a physical presence off the bench.

"There are some guys who might fit what we need that we could have interest in, but you never know," said Thorn. "If we can do something that can help our team without giving up someone we like or too much in the way of picks, we'd certainly take a look."

If you're a bettor, let's say the chances of someone coming in tomorrow are up to about 85 percent.

Stay tuned.