What's It Mean To Be 4-0?

The 76ers have won their first four preseason games for the fifth time since 1963. As they prepare for a pair of weekend games against the Phoenix Suns, is that enough for you to begin to hope and dream about the coming season? Is it even enough to get a feel for what the season might be like?

Don't go off the deep end yet with Eddie Jordan and his Princeton offense, but here's what history says about the Sixers winning at least their first four preseason games--

1967-68: They swept their first six in a 7-2 preseason. Powered by Wilt Chamberlain, Hal Greer and Billy Cunningham, they went 62-20.

1968-69: They took their first five in a 12-game preaseason (7-5), then went 55-27 behind Cunningham, Greer and Chet Walker.

1975-76: They won their first four in the preseason, finishing 6-2. With George McGinnis, Doug Collins, Fred Carter and Steve Mix (not to mention young Lloyd Free and Joe Bryant), they were 46-36.

1978-79: They won their first four in a 7-1 preseason. Led by Julius Erving, Collins, Darryl Dawkins, Henry Bibby and Maurice Cheeks, they went 47-35.

What, if anything, does that mean in reference to this season?

Not a clue.

Just offering a dollop of Sixerville in the midst of the Phillies' run.