What to make of tonight's opener, plus A.I. on the side

The Sixers open their season tonight at the Wells Fargo Center against the two-time defending champion Miami Heat. In what will certainly be a season of many losses, the question that fans are asking is: “What should we be looking for?”

Whatever it is, fans will have a chance to see it. There isn’t going to be any hidden agendas. Coach Brett Brown is going to throw all of his players into the mix and find out who can hang and who can’t.

“I think that this year has to be more reflective of what we’re doing and I stand by that,” said Brown when asked about how much attention he is going pay in scouting opponents night in and night out. “Along with that there needs to be an education for these guys on the league and how we guard different personnel and schemes. We most definitely do that, we touch upon it but not to the in-depth stage that I have been used to.

“We’re going to make it as quick a game as we can no matter who we play, no matter when we play. That can be dangerous against a team that has a lot of athletes. I think (his rotation) is going to end up being 11. I do. I think I’m going to play a lot of players. To play the way that we want to play and to maintain some energy and to do it for 82 games I’m happy to go 10 maybe 11 deep. And I’d be surprised if you don’t see me do that for the large majority of the year. And for our guys I don’t think there’s that much separation or delineation in between players seven through 11 where it’s that clear cut. I want grow some of these young players and keep energy on the floor.”

It all begins tonight against LeBron and company.


There will be a press conference this afternoon where Allen Iverson will announce that he is officially retired from the NBA. As for what will happen with Iverson during the game, there isn’t expected to be much. I’m told he won’t grab the microphone, won’t hand out the ball to the refs, won’t be brought out in front of the fans in any capacity. I’m told he might not even make it to the game, though I would bet that he’ll be there.

It is a strong possibility that his number will be retired by the team at some point later this season, but that won’t be tonight.

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