Turning Over The First 10 Games

Here's an early-season 76ers' truism: Hold down the turnovers, hold off the opponents.

This was true again in Saturday night's 110-85 victory over Oklahoma City. The Sixers kept their errors to 14, just 5 in the second half, although they could have lived with more if necessary because the Thunder seemed so overmatched, losing its seventh straight game, falling to 1-9 and gathering for a post-game players-only meeting.

Sixers coach Maurice Cheeks like to keep the turnover total to 14 or less. That's where it has been in the three-game winning streak: 13 in a 106-96 victory in Toronto, 10 in Friday night's remarkable 94-92 comeback victory in Indianapolis and 14 against the Thunder.

Here are a couple of other early thoughts:

I said in training camp that Thaddeus Young was clearly the team's most improved player, and it's even more apparent now: He's shooting 21-for-33 in the last two games, is running the floor the consistently and is more confident than ever in his perimeter shot. Those summertime sessions in Atlanta with shooting instructor Mark Price are obviously paying off.

I know Lou Williams' role is to come off the bench and, in some order, score, change the pace and distribute the ball, but he's 16-for-p50 in the last six games, with 7 assists against 12 turnovers. I don't think that's what Cheeks has in mind.

Reggie Evans, who suffered a bruised left thumb against the Thunder, is beginning to regain his niche, too. He had 6 rebounds in 10 minutes against the Pacers and 7 in 13 minutes against the Thunder.

Music To Their Ears:

Given the recent revelations that both Denver's Carmelo Anthony and Cleveland's LeBron James have some Barry Manilow songs on their ipods, what are the chances that the crooner's stuff is showing up on any of the Sixers' menus?

Thaddeus Young? ''Slim and none.''

Willie Green? ''I let my little sister load my music.''

Lou Williams? ''I don't have any, but I do listen to old stuff, like the Isley Brothers. Remember (Anthony and James) spent a lot of time in Las Vegas.''