The Search For Answers Continues

The 76ers, of whom more has been expected, are 2-4. Not good.

Opponents have accumulated 27 more steals than they have. Not good.

The Sixers have committed 35 more turnovers than their opponents. Not good.

Andre Iguodala and, to some extent Andre Miller, have yet to find a comfort zone. Not good.

Samuel Dalembert found that zone for one explosive quarter iu Orlando last Thursday.

Sense a pattern there?

If that's what practice is for, though, the Sixers seem to be taking as much advantrage as possible. They've worked on better spacing, on better positioning for Elton Brand and better opportunities for Iguodala, on how to cope with double-teams, on trying to create early offense. All good things.

One important area of focus: Coach Maurice Cheeks wants to use Brand's skills as a mid-post player, ''not necessarily going right to the (low) block where (opponents) have more opportunities to double, but at the elbow, at the foul line, in the mid-range . . . allowing him more space to play with.''

And another: Long after practice ended today at Philadelphia College Of Osteopathic Medicince (we were waiting for an availability session with the Utah Jazz), Miller and Iguodala were at opposite ends of the court working on their shooting. Miller was using a pitch-back machine, Iguodala was getting some help from assistant coach Aaron McKie.

And that, for whatever reason, reminded me of a Sixers practice on an off-day in Toronto a few years ago. Glen Robinson and Kyle Korver decided to each shoot 100 free throws. Robinson hit 96. Korver stepped up and hit all 100.

I thought of that as Korver walked in the door with the Jazz.

Six Shots:

The Sixers play Wednesday night in Toronto and Friday night in Indianapolis before returning home saturday night to face the Oklahoma City Thunder (the transplanted Seattle SuperSonics) . . . Jazz center Mehmet Okur traveled with the team from New York after Sunday's loss to the Knicks, then left to attend to a family illness in his native Turkey. Okur was averaging 15.5 points and 6.5 rebounds . . . Jazz point guard Deron Williams (sprained ankle) and ex-Sixer Matt Harpring (rehabbing ankle injury) were back on the practice floor.