Snider On Board With Brand, Iverson


For those 76ers fans fervently wishing and hoping for them to lose games in order to have a serious NBA lottery shot at, say, Kentucky guard John Wall . . .

As long as Ed Snider is the chairman, that will never be the plan.

“I could never, ever condone wanting to lose for any reason . . . Period,’’ Snider said today as part of an interview that appeared on Comcast Sports Net’s ‘’Daily News Live’’ and the station’s “Sports Nite’’ show. The station is promoting additional comments from him tomorrow on the Sixers and the Flyers.

During today's two segments, Snider said he was pleased with the progress of forward/center Elton Brand and that he was on board with coach Eddie Jordan’s decision to bring Brand off the bench for a period of time.

As for the return of Allen Iverson, who signed Dec. 2 as a free agent, Snider said “I’ve seen the perfect citizen. He’s been good in every possible way, on and off the court. He’s done a wonderful job for us, and I think the fact that he’s on the court, people have to double team him; they don’t know whether to double team him or double team Elton. It frees it up for all the other guys. We have a lot more room now to score.’’

With the Sixers 15-29 going in to tonight's game in Milwaukee, Snider admitted ‘’We had had high expectations’’ at the start of the season.

‘’We were really expecting big things,’’ he said. ‘’We had added Elton Brand and unfortunately he got injured last year, and I think what everybody’s come to realize is that, with any athlete, when he hasn’t played much in two years it takes time to get back in to a groove.’’

Snider said “I think all of us, including the sports writers, the sportscasters, the fans can see what we wanted and what we thought we were getting when we signed Elton, and Elton’s really coming through for us very big now, and I think he’s going to have a major effect on the team for the rest of the year.’’

Asked about the decision to take Brand out of the starting lineup, Snider said “I think when you look at the Elton situation, I don’t think Elton at the beginning of the year was ready to be a starter. He started for a while and wasn’t doing it the way he wanted, so (Jordan) put him on the bench and brought him in.

‘’He wasn’t one of the starters, and now he is. He’s gotten better, gotten in better shape. Not that he wasn’t in great physical shape, but he’s gotten in basketball shape. It’s going to make a big difference in our team.’’

Snider referred to rookie Jrue Holiday as a ‘’No. 1 pick, but we had to see what he could do and what he couldn’t do. He’s a great defensive guards; he’s bigger than the other guards we have; we felt we were a little too small.’’
As an overview, Snider said ‘’I don’t want to be overly optimistic, cause I’ve been that way before, but I know we have a lot of talent on this team.’’