Sixers beat Bucks with help from the bench

While the Sixers win Friday night over the Milwaukee Bucks certainly can't be labled as a season-turning victory, it might just have been a coming out party for forward Thaddeus Young.

Make that a "come out again" party.

Young scored a team-high 23 points, making eight of his 13 shots from the floor. He also went to the foul line eight times and was active on the board, grabbing six.

But more than numbers, Young appeared to be the player from a couple years ago that had Sixers fans so excited. Friday, he was doing what he does best - running the floor and getting the ball while on his way to the basket. He didn't settle for jump shots, he didn't dribble too much trying to create his own shot. Each of his made field goals was in the lane. There were strong drives to the rim, there were floaters, there were finesse layups.

This is the kind of player the four-year veteran needs to be. More importantly, it's the kind of player the team and coach Doug Collins needs him to be.

Collins talked after the game of how well Young played and how he profits from playing with a smaller lineup, one that can get out and run the floor. Collins also said that when Andre Iguodala gets back - he sat out for the fifth time in seven games with tendonitis in his right Achilles - he'll be excited to go with the fast lineup of Jrue Holiday, Evan Turner, Iguodala and Young.

Young has now scored in double figures in the last five games. Is it a coincidence that Iguodala hasn't been on the floor in three of them and played just 19 minutes in another? To me, it would be almost shocking if the Sixers don't move Iguodala before the season is over. I also think that you have to keep Evan Turner in the starting lineup at the sooting guard spot. With Elton Brand playing so well this season at the power forward spot, that means should Iguodala be moved, Young could slip right into that small forward spot.

Perhaps with how well he's been playing there of late, moving Iguodala will come a little easier.

Just throwing it out there.

Also, I got a call from someone in the NBA offices earlier today alerting me that NBA TV would be telecasting Allen Iverson's game from Turkey on Sunday afternoon.

Obviously when Iverson's involved, your ears perk up a little bit. But the more I thought about it, I wondered how much interest there still is in seeing Iverson play, especially in Turkey. Interested to see some responses. Is there still a big interest in how Iverson is playing?