Sixers' Young responds to Orlando strategy

Marcus Hayes reporting in Orlando ...

Second-year Sixers forward Thaddeus Young might have taken offense to the Magic’s stated strategy on the final play Sunday night.

With just under 15 seconds to play in the tied game, Rashard Lewis, guarded by Young, set a screen near the top of the key for Hedo Turkoglu, who was guarded by veteran stopper Andre Iguodala. Turkoglu said afterward that the Magic’s strategy was, whoever wound up being guarded by Young would take the last shot.

The Sixers switched. Young took Turkoglu. Turkoglu hit a game-winning three-pointer over Young with 1.1 seconds to play.

Young dismissed the diss.

“I kind of actually figured it out. In the games like that, I know they’re going to find the young guys and go at them. It happened last year. It’s nothing big,” Young said today.

So, he’s not upset at the perception of him being the target?

“Mad?” he asked. He looked away and gave a little nervous laugh. “Not really. Being a second-year guy, you know they’re going to come at you a little bit. Sometimes, young players make slip-ups and don’t do some of the things that vets do. Right now, I’m not looking at it as anything bad.”

Like his coach, Young spun it as more of a compliment to Iguodala.

“We all know Andre’s a great defender. A lot of guys don’t like playing against him because he’s very active,” Young said. “A lot of guys don’t like playing against me.”

Those guys apparently are not in Orlando.

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From the mouth of Stan Van Gundy:

On the chess mismatch: “Look, Tony’s made some good moves. I haven’t done a damn thing.”

On injustice: “You couldn’t have a more obvious travel than Lou Williams’. And then we got a really tough call on Miller’s drive. Hopefully, that stuff doesn’t affect it, either.”

On knowing his enemy: “They haven’t done anything to surprise us. Maybe if they came with a quintuple-team, that would surprise us.”