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Sixers' spots in draft set

The Sixers will have the 15th pick in June's NBA draft, the league announced today.

Sixers' spots in draft set

The Sixers will have the 15th pick in June's NBA draft, the league announced today.

With a record of 35-31, the Sixers had the worst record among teams to make the playoffs, so they will select with the first pick after the 14 teams that are in the lottery.

In the second round, the Sixers will pick at No. 45 with their own pick and No. 54 with the pick acquired from Memphis in the Sam Young trade earlier this season.

The NBA broke seven ties today in order to set the draft order.

Here are the teams in lottery and their chances of out 1,000 to get the first pick. After the first three teams are identified via the lottery, the remaining 11 teams will pick in the inverse order of their record.

Charlotte (7-59), 250

Washington (20-46), 199

Cleveland (21-45), 138

New Orleans (21-45), 138

Sacramento (22-44), 76

New Jersey * (22-44), 75

Golden State** (23-43), 36

Toronto (23-43), 35

Detroit (25-41), 18

New Orleans from Minnesota via LA Clippers (26-40), 11

Portland (28-38), 8

Milwaukee (31-35), 7

Phoenix (33-33), 6

Houston (34-32) 5

Non-Lottery teams

15. SIXERS (35-31)

16. Houston from New York (36-30)

17. Dallas (36-30)

18. Minnesota from Utah (36-30)

19. Orlando (37-29)

20. Denver (38-28)

21. Boston (39-27)

22. Boston from Clippers via Oklahoma City (40-26)

23. Atlanta (40-26)

24. Cleveland from LA Lakers (41-25)

25. Memphis (41-25)

26. Indiana (42-24)

27. Miami (46-20)

28. Oklahoma City (47-19)

29. Chicago (50-16)

30. Golden State from San Antonio (50-16)

* pick may be conveyed to Portland

** pick may be conveyed to Utah via New Jersey


31. Charlotte

32. Washington

33/34. Cleveland from New Orleans via Miami

33/34. Cleveland

35/36. Golden State from New Jersey

35/36. Sacramento

37/38. Toronto

37/38. Denver from Golden State via New York

39. Detroit

40. Portland from Minnesota via Houston

41. Portland

42. Milwaukee

43. Atlanta from Phoenix

44. Detroit from Houston


46. Washington from Dallas

47. Utah

48. New York

49. Orlando

50. Denver

51. Boston

52. Golden State from Atlanta

53. LA Clippers

54. SIXERS from Memphis

55. Dallas from Lakers

56. Toronto from Indiana

57. New Jersey from Miami

58. Minnesota from Oklahoma City

59. San Antonio

60. New Jersey from Chicago via Milwaukee OR Lakers via New Jersey and Milwaukee

The order of selection for some slots in the second round cannot be determined until after the lottery because teams that finished with the same regular-season record select in the inverse order in the second round that they did in the first.

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