Sixers give update on Andrew Bynum

The Sixers released a statement tonight on the status center Andrew Bynum. It read:

As previously announced, Andrew Bynum has a bone bruise of the right knee.

While Andrew and the 76ers are both eager for him to resume game play as soon as possible, given the long regular season and playoffs, the team intends to act with caution as the date of his return. Andrew has already commenced low impact conditioning and will be re-evaluated by medical personnel on a continuous basis.

Tony DiLeo, the 76ers general manager, said: "With the team's intriguing play in the pre-season leading to a 6-1 pre-season record, we are confident that the 76ers will be an exciting, talented and highly competitive team from day one. When Andrew Bynum rejoins for game play, that will take an already strong team to an even higher level."

That was all of the statement. After the team's practice at the Wells Fargo Center tonight, Bynum was on the floor with teammates, having a fun three-point competition with Nick Young (Bynum came in second). He did not have his sneakers tied, so he wasn't moving fast or anything, just basically shooting stand-still three-pointers mostly from the corner.

If I was a betting man, and I am not, I would put the time frame on Bynum making his Sixers debut somewhere between the fifth and tenth game of the season. We will see.