Sixers to host Illinois' Leonard

The Sixers will hold an individual workout Tuesday for Illinois center Meyers Leonard in what is likely their last workout before Thursday's NBA draft.

Leonard averaged 13.6 pints, 8.2 rebounds and 1.9 blocks this past season.

At 7-1 and 250 pounds, he is the definition of raw. He has very good athleticism and good feet but is very unskilled at the offensive end right now.

When he’s shooting from 10 feet or more Leonard often times has his feet in awkward positions, rarely squaring up to the basket the way he should. He is often slow to recognize mismatches offensively and doesn’t take advantage of his size.

Defensively, he is a good shot blocker, especially when he’s helping out on another player. But there are too many times when he loses sight of his man when the ball is with someone else.