Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sam's Still Here

An internet rumor surfaced saying the 76ers had called Golden State about interest in Samuel Dalmbert. But it was months ago.

Sam's Still Here

There was a note the other day on Yahoo! Sports saying that an anonymous general manager in the NBA said that the 76ers called Golden State to see whether there was any interest in center Samuel Dalembert.

Well, they did.

Months ago.

A source familiar with the Sixers' situation said there was a call made during the summer, and that the Warriors had no interest. (For what it's worth, the source also said the Sixers have no interest in acquiring unhappy Stephen Jackson.)

But let's be real here. The Sixers are perfectly aware of the degree of difficulty in trying to move Dalembert. The source said that, to this point, president/general manager Ed Stefanski has, over time, gone 0-for-29 around the league.

Two huge reasons: Even if Dalembert is playing well and is attractive to a team performance-wise, there's the matter of his contract. He is owed $12 million-plus this season and $13 million-plus next season. And . . . a team acquiring him must pay a 15 percent trade kicker, with the money due within 30 days.

That's a lot for a team to swallow, particularly in tough economic times.

Sounds to me as if Dalembert--and he has been ''Happy Sam'' through the first five games of the season--is staying.


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