SI predicts Sixers second in Atlantic

With the regular season upon us, it is the time for preseason predictions. Sports Illustrated's NBA preseason preview hits the stands this week.

The magazine predicts that the Sixers will finish second in the Atlantic Division, but ninth in the Eastern Conference and miss the playoffs.

The prediction is that the Celtics will win the Division, followed by the Sixers, Nets, Knicks and Raptors.

The eight Eastern playoff teams in order are: Miami, Orlando, Boston, Atlanta, Milwaukee, Chicago, Detroit and Charlotte.

In the West, the playoff teams are: Lakers, Oklahoma City, San Antonio, Dallas, Portland, Phoenix, Houston, Utah.

The magazine also had a preview of Evan Turner. Writers Ian Thomsen, “Evan Turner will fit perfectly into the culture that Collins will be promoting. Turner wasn’t the most dynamic player in the draft, but he might have been the most polished. He can not only handle the ball but also play some point.”

The magazine predicts that the Lakers will beat the Heat for the NBA title.