Projecting A Lineup

I just finished reading Marty Burns' interesting take on the top 10 battles for starting spots in the NBA, and -- surprise -- none of those involved the Sixers.

But, at least from where I sit, only 60 percent of the Sixers' lineup is set in stone: Elton Brand at power forward, Andre Miller at point guard and Samuel Dalembert at center.

After that, though . . .

Is Andre Iguodala the shooting guard and Thaddeus Young the small forward? Or is Iguodala the small forward and either Lou Williams or Willie Green the shooting guard?

I can't envision a lineup without Iguodala, but I could conceivably see Young coming off the bench, at least in the early part of the season. I see Williams as being far too valuable as instant offense and a pace-changer off the bench, and I see Green playing less than he did last season.

If you pinned me down right now, I'd project Iguodala at shooting guard and Young at small forward. As the Sixers prepare to leave for their camp headquarters at Penn State, I submit that the next few weeks will focus on putting in a system and developing chemistry and a rotation rather than a pitched battle or two for starting spots.

Where Are They Now

Ex-Sixers Shavlik Randolph and Bobby Jones are bound respectively for Portland and Sacramento. Joel Bell, the agent for both young players, says Randolph is ''100 percent, maybe 110'' after last season's fractured and dislocated ankle.