President Rod Thorn talks Sixers

Sixers president Ed Thorn has been in touch with the potential new owners of the team. (David Maialetti / Staff Photographer)

With Thursday's draft quickly approaching, Sixers' president Rod Thorn met with the media earlier today. He hit on a plethora of topics, including the draft, Andre Iguodala and the possible sale of the team.

In short, Thorn said that the team needs to get a big man, either a power forward or a center, and could also use a scorer. He says with the balance of this year's draft, in which the Sixers pick 16th in the first round and 50th in the second round, he sees them getting someone who could fill a spot in the rotation, though possibly not as soon as this season. Getting a difference-making big man probably won't get done in the draft, and finding one via trade is hard because "other teams don't like to deal dominant big men."

Thorn said that he spoke with forward Andre Iguodala "about three weeks ago" and that with all the speculation surrounding an Iguodala trade, Iguodala "is a pro." He said Iguodala has never told him he wanted to be traded. When asked if the "numerous" conversations he's had with other teams mostly surrounds Iguodala, Thorn said that wasn't the case.

Thorn also said that he has been in touch with the new potential owners of the team, led by Joshua Harris. Thorn said that he basically answered their questions about how the team is set up, what possible moves could be made and some other subjects.

Lastly, when asked about assistant coach Quin Snyder interviewing for a job with the Lakers, Thorn said nothing has been completed, but he certainly made it seem as if Snyder would be moving on. "I wish him well, should he be moving," Thorn said.