N.Y. Wasn't The Answer For Iverson

As it turned out, New York wasn't all that interested in signing Allen Iverson as a free agent. And Iverson, who had just left Memphis, was simply looking for a team ''that really wanted me.''

''I was serious about any team that really wanted me, that wanted me to come in and contribute,'' Iverson said after tonight's 93-92 loss to the Knicks. ''Obviously, this situation (with the Sixers) was a lot more serious.

''I would have been happy being with somebody that wanted me there for reasons to help the team. I didn't want anybody to want me to sell tickets or anything like that, to be any type of sideshow. I wanted to help a team win games. This was the best situation for me.''

Iverson, who signewd with the Sixers Dec. 2,  had 16 points and 5 assists in 34 minutes tonight, committing a single turnover.