Mo puts Sixers to practice

It's not a hard-and-fast policy, but the 76ers — and most NBA teams — generally don’t practice the day after back-to-back games, particularly if the second leg was on the road.

But the Sixers, after beating Golden State Sunday in the Wachovia Center and losing badly Monday in Charlotte, spent a solid 2 hours today at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine.

Most of that time was consumed watching tape. Never mind that the Sixers are 7-7 going into tomorrow's game against Orlando, or that they have won five of their previous seven games, or that they remain nicely ahead of last season’s 4-9 start. They don’t have much reason to feel good about themselves.

So, coach Maurice Cheeks, you don’t normally practice after a back-to-back, do you?

“Normally,” Cheeks said.

But you did this time, because ... ?

“I just thought we needed to do it,” Cheeks said. “We needed to clean up some things.”

Coaches sometimes schedule a practice on what would otherwise be a day off simply to remind the players of what’s expected. That clearly was a big part of Cheeks’ agenda.

“We just went through our offense, making it a little crisper, understanding all the things we were trying to get out of it,” he said. “The offense wasn’t everything in the [Bobcats'] game, but it was part of it.”