Miller doesn't care about the critics

Former Sixers guard Andre Miller says he is out to prove the critics wrong — again.

This time, his targets are the critics who are underwhelmed with Portland’s decision to sign Miller to a 3-year contract that could be worth as much as $21 million.

“I don’t really care what they think,” Miller said in an interview 95.5 The Game in Portland. “They probably didn’t want me in Philadelphia when I got moved there and there was no expectations when I got traded for Allen Iverson, so I mean, I went in to that situation and pretty much proved the critics wrong. I helped the team get to the playoffs and definitely could have helped the team get to the second round - we were close to getting to the second round for two years.

“So, I can’t worry about what’s going on off the court as far as critics, or whether it was a good or bad move. I think people will see that I’m a hard worker and I definitely make people better, I make people around me better.”

Miller also said with the Trail Blazers that he will just try to “blend in,” unlike what was asked of him with the Sixers.

“I feel coming in to a situation I won’t have to do as much,” he said. “When I was in Philadelphia, they relied on me to get the ball up the court, forcing the issue ...

“In order for the team to win we had to fast break, and if we didn’t fast break, we struggled. So, just me coming to the team I can go back to some of my old school ways as far as passing, moving without the ball, cutting, and spacing, and things like that. It’s gonna be a challenge, but I’m looking forward to it.”