Magic's Howard to have eye examined

Marcus Hayes reporting ...  

ORLANDO – Magic center Dwight Howard said he will visit an eye doctor later today to examine his right eye but he doesn’t expect his vision issues to cost him any game or practice time.

Howard was slapped across both eyes by Samuel Dalembert on Sunday in Game 1 of the teams’ first-round playoff matchup.

The Magic called a timeout to let Howard regroup. Howard then converted the two free throws and left for the next 4 minutes, 49 seconds. After the game, Howard said that his eyes hurt.

Today, he told the Daily News that he suffered no pain or blurriness in either eye but was seeing spots in front of his right eye when he closed it.

“Just when I close it, it’s a whole bunch of flashing lights and stuff,” said Howard. “I’m not worried.”

His right eye was red. His left eye was clear. Howard said he was experiencing nothing unusual in his left eye.

On Sunday, he said, he felt a pulsating sensation when his eyes were open. That symptom receded by today.

After shooting free throws with coach Patrick Ewing for 90 minutes, Howard said he doesn’t expect to miss any practice or game time. The teams meet again here Wednesday night.