Dalembert: 'Open your hearts'

Sixers center Samuel Dalembert continues his amazing work to raise awareness and money to help his native Haiti in the aftermath of the earthquake.

Dalembert appeared on "Geraldo At Large" on the Fox News Channel on Saturday night.

“My message to everyone is continue to open your heart and give to any foundation you feel at ease," he said. "Any charitable donation is not too small, so please, open your heart and help out….keep everyone in your prayers.”

Dalembert pledged $100,000 and then said he would match the donations made by the fans at the Wachovia Center at last Friday's game.

"It’s built awareness in raising funds the last four days; basically, a lot of the response is positive that at the game we were able to raise a total of $200,000 the other night.”

“It’s been great response from everybody all over the world.”