Dalembert: 'A mixed feeling'

Samuel Dalembert described his emotion on being traded to the Sacramento Kings today "a mixed feeling."

Dalembert was drafted by the Sixers in the first round in 2001 and has never played for another organization. He was the longest-tenured member of the team.

‘’It’s like, wow, a fresh start, a team really wants me," Dalember told the Daily News' Phil Jasner in a phone interview today. "I believe I can help (the Kings) tremendously. Philly never said ‘You can really do this.’ I never felt I had a chance to be the player I’m capable of being.’’

With the Sixers, Dalembert played for seven coaches in eight year but he never developed a go-to post move and was rarely fully involved in the offense.

But Dalembert has no illusions about his career.

‘’There were times we were losing, times we were winning, times things were upside down,’’ he said. ‘’There was always a new coach, a new system. But it can’t be 100 percent because of the coaches. Somebody had to step up and take responsibility. There were times I wanted a new start with a new organization.’’

Much more from Dalembert in tomorrow's Daily News.