Chants of 'Fire Eddie' erupt during Sixers blowout loss

The brave few who decided to stay during the fourth quarter last night apparently did so to send a message. And they voiced it loud and clear - "Fire Eddie. Fire Eddie."

The chant started with a select few in the third quarter, then grew as the Miami Heat's lead did. The problem with the chant was this: Which Eddie were they talking about - head coach Eddie Jordan or general manager Ed Stefanski?

It was the second worst loss of the season for the Sixers, who were beaten by 34 early in the season by the Boston Celtics. Little went right for the Sixers last night on either end of the floor. Though Jordan said his team played hard the entire game, that was hard to see during the second and third quarters when the team was outscored by a total of 56-31.

Adding to the loss was a shoulder injury to guard Willie Green, who had a contusion and an A/C ligament sprain to his left shoulder. That lent to Allen Iverson, in his first action since January 31 due to his daughter's illness, to play more than 26 minutes. Iverson was understandably rusty, shooting just 1-for-7 and scoring four points. Jordan said after the game that Green might be available by Thursday.