Bynum hurts left knee from bowling

Sixers center Andrew Bynum admitted that bowling may have caused the injury to his left knee. (Matt Rourke/AP)

Here is what Andrew Bynum had to say to the media before the Sixers-Cavs game:

Opening remarks: "Same exact injury, mirror images of the knees. I think it happened bowling, to be honest. I don’t think anybody could tell me that I couldn’t do that. I was doing squatting in the low impact training, so…It is what it is. The cartilage is in a weakened state, that’s what the doctors tell me and now it’s the same (in both knees), going through the same thing that I have in the right in the left. It’s identical."

 On what may have happened while he was bowling:

 "I didn’t do anything. I didn’t twist it, I didn’t fall or nothing. It got big. (It swelled up after bowling?). Exactly."

On what it means to get swelling after doing something as innocent as bowling:

"Obviously that’s the question that all the doctors kind of have, and myself. You do that, which is relatively nothing, three steps. What would happen when you play? I think that’s the most important thing and why everyone is being so cautious. I can’t answer and they can’t now, either. We’re trying to figure out what’s going on."

On when exactly it happened and his reaction to it:

"(A week ago) Saturday. It sucks, number one. And number two I just don’t know what to expect. There’s really nothing more to say about it. It’s what happened.

 On what he expects:

"I have issues with my knees and we’re going to have to try and resolve it. There’s really nothing to do, there’s no surgical procedures that would really help or are safe to do at the moment. I just kind of have to bide my time."

On whether he thinks last year's short schedule and his playing in 60 of 66 games may have contributed to these injuries:

"I have no idea. That’s a theory. Another one is what’s going on with the injections or I just have bad cartilage. I don’t know."

On whether the preseason Orthokine or Synvisc injections may have contributed to these problems:

"It’s a possibility (that procedure had something to do with it.) I don’t know. I came back feeling good but then had an incident in a relatively short period after that. I have no idea. Couple or three times, actually.

On what team's reaction was to him being out bowling:

"Really nothing (team reaction to bowling). They’ve been supportive. In hindsight maybe I shouldn’t have been bowling but it’s not more than anything I’ve done in my rehab.

 On what he does now:

"I’m taking it day to day, which is probably the wrong thing to do in this situation, but I’m just waiting for the doctors to kind of give me something and they’re waiting for me to tell them my knees don’t hurt. That’s where I’m at.

 On whether he's seen anyone besides his own doctor and team doctors:

"I’ve pretty much seen every specialist and my doctor is a really good doctor. At the moment we’re just kind of waiting for the cartilage to harden up. I don’t know. I’m sure some people would feel like that but I’m kind of taking the position that if happened bowling, what happens dunking? I don’t see anything wrong with bowling."

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