Barkley: Sixers have 'no chance' vs. Miami

Charles Barkley has given voice to what has been a popular view entering the first-round series between the Sixers and Miami, and probably became more popular after Monday night's blowout:

“[The 76ers have] got no chance of beating Miami, they are going to get swept," Barkley said on TNT. "They don’t have an advantage at any position. They can’t run with Miami, they can’t pound them inside, so they are 0-2.”

Asked about the chance of his being wrong, Barkley replied: "I might be mistaken, but I’m never gonna be wrong.”

Here are few other notes from the TNT crew as it relates to the Heat and Sixers:

* Reggie Miller on 76ers forward Elton Brand and guard Lou Williams serving as resources to coach Doug Collins: “Doug Collins has two [guys who have a locker room presence] on this team, a younger one and an older one. The older one, Elton Brand, leads by example. He comes to work early, [he’s] meticulous when it comes to game plans and he’s the voice of his team. The heartbeat and the pulse is Lou Williams. He’s the one who can tell the temperature and gauge what these younger players are doing. [Coach Collins] is always going to Lou Williams and saying, ‘What can I do to become a better coach to these younger guys?’”

* Miller on Heat coach Erik Spoelstra comparing the defense of 76ers forward Andre Iguodala to Hall of Famer Scottie Pippen: “That’s high praise. I understand where he’s coming from, but Scottie Pippen was in a different league defensively.”

* Miller on the Miami Heat becoming the New York Yankees of basketball: “Overnight this Heat team became the New York Yankees of basketball, the most hated team in the league. Everyone jumped on board of this being the evil empire. [The Heat] struggled early, they found their way, but now that we get to the playoffs we get to see what the big hubbub was about.”

* Miller on the impact of 76eres coach Doug Collins: “I applaud what Coach Collins has done. It’s tough to get young players to respond, but these guys have, they’ve done it all year. They got off to a slow start, but he stayed the course.”

* Miller on the 76ers needing the offensive impact of guard Lou Williams: “[The 76ers] have to find a way to get [Lou Williams] going offensively. If they are going to win a game in this series, he’s going to have to play huge when this team gets back to Philadelphia.”

* Miller on the 76ers needing to finish the game with a spark that will carry over to Game 3: “When you’re on the road and you’re getting beat like this in the playoffs your mind tends to wander especially for a young team like the Sixers. You’ve got to find a little spark, Doug Collins is looking for something to carry over to Game 3. You’ve got to have something on the mind of Miami. Right now Miami is thinking this is going to be a 4-0 sweep, you’ve got to find something to fall back on.”



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