As Long As We're Talking History . . .

As long as we're talking history in the real world, here are some NBA things to think about:

1. Allen Iverson told reporters in Detroit that ''Happy is an understatement. I'm ecstatic'' about being traded to the Pistons, but he can't keep the No. 3 jersey he wore through his 10-plus seasons with the 76ers. Two reasons: First, it belongs to Rodney Stuckey, who, by all accounts, would have been happy to give it up; second, the NBA, for marketing and licensing reasons, won't allow it to change until next season, assuming Iverson is still a Piston. A.I. will wear No. 1.

2. Jerry Stackhouse, selected to be the Sixers' centerpiece in the draft preceding Iverson's arrival in 1996, celebrates his 34th birthday today. Stack at 34? Yikes.

3. The San Antonio Spurs have started a season 0-3 for the first time since 1973. That would be before Tim Duncan was born. That would be when the Spurs were still in the old ABA.

4. If I have this right, given the tax bracket of NBA players, their tax percentage is about to climb to 39.6 percent from 35 percent.

5. Looking ahead to tomorrow night, the Sixers will be in Orlando, where they've lost 7 of 9 in what is now called Amway Arena.

6. And looking back, doesn't time fly? It was Nov. 6, 1989 when the expansion Magic won its first game, 118-110 over the New York Knicks, with current Sacramento Kings coach Reggie Theus scoring 24 points.