Aron thanks fans, says work underway for future

Sixers CEO Adam Aron took to Twitter to thank fans for their support during his first season with the team. (Akira Suwa/Staff Photographer)

Sixers CEO Adam Aron, who has interacted with fans all season on Twitter, has been silent since the season ended with Saturday night's loss in Game 7 to Boston.

He returned today with a message to Sixers fans about the season and the future.

"Sixers fans, a few days after season end, I wanted to reach out and THANK YOU once more for your embracing new owners and team this year.  Another thank you to all our sixers players this year. Some incredible highs, and lows, in a roller coaster but fun exciting season.

"All of Philadelphia including us within the team, knows we still need pieces to be a permanent contender in NBA. Hard work this summer... Even so much progress was made this year. Winning record in regular season. "One and done" in the playoffs No More! Sixers fanbase growing.

"NBA rules do not allow me to talk about our interest in players by name, but work well under way to think about draft, trades, free agency. "Far from easy in NBA to land right free agent or consummate great trade. It will be interesting to see how much progress is made off-season."