Andre Miller As A Trail Blazer?

This is Andy Miller, the agent for 76ers unrestricted free agent Andre Miller, doing his j-o-b:

In a blog post by Jason Quick of the Oregonian on, Andy Miller described Andre Miller as ''a good fit'' for the Portland Trail Blazers, who were rebuffed the other day by Orlando Magic free agent Hedu Turkoglu, who instead opted to agree to terms with the Toronto Raptors.

The Blazers' interest in Miller, though, remains unclear, but Andy Miller was quoted as saying ''It's a good fit, and I think Andre Miller puts them over the top. They desperately need a starting point guard to take the pressure off Brandon Roy. Andre would be able to control the floor and give that team better direction in the open court. It's their team, and they've made great progress, but at some point you have to make a leap forward.''

In the post, Miller said his conversations with the Blazers during the weekend did not include sign-and-tr4ade scenarios.

The Sixers have had discussions with Andy Miller about a new deal for Andre Miller, but all reports have indicated that they remain far apart on salary and length of term.