Ashton Kutcher, sexy magazine editor

What are Ashton Kutcher’s “10 Style Commandments”? (And did he have to scale Mt. Sinus to receive them? Were they written on stone slabs or auto-uploaded by The First Mover onto Ashton’s iPad?)

I know, it’s like for years and years – for decades – you’ve been haunted by this nagging doubt, this inexplicable feeling you’re missing something in life. Now you know what it is: You need to know, you’re dying to know, what the star of That 70s Show commands when it comes to your personal style. Me too!

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Ashston Kutcher is the guest editor of Details' new Social Issue.

A man of many talents, actor, entrepreneur, digital media god and Demi Moore's most definitely sexier half, Ashton declaims his Commandments and provides other (remarkably cogent and articulate) content as guest editor of swanky Details magazine’s first foray into live social media publishing.

“Details: The Social Issue” just went live on Facebook. Check it out. Or you’ll be struck down.