Teenage girls, Justin Bieber & TV cameras

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The Bieb looking particularly Biebelicious at the MTV Europe Awards last winter. He made girls cry last night at an acoustic set at MTV's studio in Times Square. Does he make you weep? He sure makes me weep.

“Deafening screams filled the room from the moment the audience was loaded into the studio.”

So MTV.com describes the scene Tuesday night at the music channel’s Times Square studio.

The aud, composed mainly of teens, predominantly girls, was there to behold a show most intime: a live perf by the pied piper of the 21st Century, Justin Bieber.

It was The Bieb Unplugged. The Bieb laid bare before his worshippers, his naked soul there for all to see.

Bieber Live, modeled after MTV’s 90s show, Total Request Live, kicked off with the Canadian teen’s provocatively shallow single, "Die in Your Arms" from his new release, Believe.

MTV’s glowing news report about its own entertainment show (synergy!) says Bieber didn’t hide out during the commercial breaks ¡but! ¡actually! ¡hung! ¡out! ¡with! ¡the! ¡audience! !!!

Says MTV, “Bieber also gave high-fives to fans and joked around with them as well.”

Even better, after the music wrapped up, “Bieber hung around long enough to spend some time with his fans, who traveled from far and wide to attend the show,” says MTV’s unbiased, dry, sober report. “He took pictures and made conversation, proving that Bieber truly understands what keeps him on top.”

Bieber’s impromptu shows have rocked the world of late. He  recently brought Mexico City to its knees with a free concert.

All this positive Bieberosophy makes one almost forget that The Bieb may be headed to court and gulp, perhaps even jail?!

Fox News says The Los Angeles Sherriff’s Department has passed on to the District Attorney’s office its investigation of a photographer’s claim Bieber assaulted him May 28 at a mall in Calabasas, Calif., in front of girlfriend Selena Gomez, 19.

It’s up to the D.A.’s office if they’ll prosecute the Canadian child.


  • Here’s a video segment of the Biber performing at the MTV studio.
  • More video below! See some behind-the-scenes footage of Bieber being awesome!

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