What will happen to Philly's Promise Academy teachers?

So, what happens to the teachers who last year worked at schools once designated to become Promise Academies and now removed from that program?  Eight schools - Fitzsimons, Sayre, and Southern High Schools and Alcorn, Barry, Pennell, Smith, and W.D. Kelley Elementaries - are in this spot.

PFT President Jerry Jordan just sent members this message:

"The PFT and the School District of Philadelphia reached an agreement today following the School Reform Commission’s decision on Wednesday to reduce the number of new Promise Academies in September from 11 to three.

The eight schools removed from the Promise Academy program are: Alcorn, Barry, Fitzsimons, South Philadelphia High School, Sayre, Smith, W.D. Kelley and Pennell.

Under the agreement:

All teachers and instructional support staff in the eight schools formerly designated as Promise Academies will be restored to the positions they held in the 2010-11 school year.

All teachers who site selected into the eight schools also will be restored to their 2010-11 school assignments.

Both groups of teachers will be permitted to file late voluntary transfer requests until 5 p.m., Wednesday, August, 10, 2011, in person or by fax 215-400-4611, without the signature of their principal. Voluntary Transfer Request forms can be downloaded from the school district's web site.

Teachers who are placed during the transfer and assignment process on or before September 1, 2011, will be considered permanent assignments. Those placed in positions after September 1, 2011, will be on Special Assignment.

Teachers who thought they were being force-transferred and site selected a new position elsewhere, but under these new circumstances are not being force transferred, will be permitted to remain if they choose in their site-selected position as a voluntary transfer. This offer will be made to these teachers individually by the district. Teachers who site selected into one of the eight schools will have the same opportunity to remain in the new position as a voluntary transfer, if a vacancy exists at the end of the budget revision process.

Once the district has amended school budgets, teachers and staff who were force transferred will be called in to select positions for the 2011-2012 school year.
We will keep you informed through email and on the web of all dates and developments.

Please share this email with your PFT colleagues in your school or work location.
With the first day of school for teachers less than a month away, the situation is extremely fluid. Please encourage all of your PFT colleagues to register at PFT.ORG for access to the members’ only web pages and to receive updates via email from the union."

Extremely fluid is right! 

Still to come is an arbitrator's decision about 174 layoffs.  The district had wanted to exempt Promise Academy teachers from layoffs, but the PFT says it's not allowed to.  That ruling is expected any moment.  Check back here on on Twitter @newskag for more information.