Walkout at several schools

Students at several Philadelphia public high schools walked out of class today.

A school district official confirmed the walkout. Students from Ben Franklin, Mastbaum, South Philadelphia, Furness, Dobbins, School of the Future, Kensington CAPA, Overbrook and Penn Treaty high schools walked out around noon.

As many as 600 students walked out, district spokesman Fernando Gallard said.

It wasn't immediately clear what prompted the walkout, but students at several schools have spoken out against deep budget cuts that stripped schools of many basic supplies and services.

Gallard said that budget cuts were the likely reason for the walkout.

Hiram Rivera, executive director of the youth organizing group Philadelphia Student Union, said it was his understanding that students organized the walkout on Twitter and other social media sites. His group did not organize it, Rivera said.

A photo of one flyer posted on Instagram said: "School Wide Walk Out. 12:00 November 22, 2013. Just Get Up And Go."

Patrice Hunter, a junior at South Philadelphia High, didn't participate in the walkout, but she supported it, she said.

"We're really frustrated about funding for the schools," said Hunter. "It's not enough."

She said she saw posts about the walkout on Instagram and Twitter, but did not walk out herself because she wasn't clear whether the event was actually happening.

Students, she said, need to keep protesting the budget problems.

"We're not being cared for," said Hunter. "We need to take more action."



patrice - i knew that it was happening today. we’re really frustrated about funding for the schools. it’s not enough. i didn’t know about it. it was last-minute. bottom line is, there’s not enough going on to support us and help us. we don’t have a nurse here every day to take care of us.
--i heard about it from instragram and twitter.
i don’t know. 
--i didn’t think 
--i didn’t.
--some people did.
-- i honestly didn’t know whether or not it was legitimate. i didn’t know where to go or anything.
-- if i would have known that it was legitimate and it wasn’t a rumor, i would have done it. even if it was, our teachers are telling us not to.
--that’s the 
--we’re not being cared for. 
students need to take more action.