Trouble continues at Bartram

These frame grabs from Tuesday's melee were taken from the video posted on social media.

Trouble continues at Bartram High, where a "conflict resolution specialist" was knocked unconscious on March 21.

A brawl erupted in the school cafeteria on Tuesday, with teens punching and stomping on each other and school police. The fight occurred at lunchtime, and was captured by a cell phone camera, with footage posted on social media.

It appears serious, with dozens gathered, and several students exchanging punches. A male school police officer attemps to separate them as the room fills with screams. In short order, a larger brawl erupts between mostly female students. A female police officer attempts to break up one skirmish, then others. At one point, the female police officer appears to fall to the floor.

District spokesman Fernando Gallard said nine students were suspended, and that two minor injuries recorded - one girl suffered a bump on the head, and another was scratched.

Gallard said Bartram will be getting additional resources to help calm its climate, in addition to veteran troubleshooter Ozzie Wright, who was added this week as co-principal. A community meeting to address the yearlong problems at the school has been scheduled for April 10.