State rep wants Rendell on SRC

Could Ed Rendell join the Philadelphia School Reform Commission?

By Kristen Graham

State Rep Mark Cohen (D., Phila) has a suggestion for Gov. Corbett as he contemplates who will replace Pedro Ramos on the School Reform Commission.

The guy is pretty familiar to Corbett - he's his predecessor in the governor's seat, in fact.


Would Ed Rendell be a good choice to the SRC?

Cohen suggested Ed Rendell be nominated to the seat.

In a letter sent to Gov. Corbett and Mayor Nutter today, Cohen said that he didn't know if Rendell "would be available to lead at this time of maximum peril, but I think he should be asked. His appointment would be a fresh start that might lead to the best possible resolution of a difficult crisis caused by lack of adequate school funding."

The chances of the former Philadelphia mayor and Pennsylvania governor landing in the seat are nonexistent, of course, but could you imagine a Rendell-led SRC?