Some summer school teachers to get laid off Tuesday

More layoffs are coming for Philadelphia School District teachers Tuesday.  This time, it’s summer school teachers who are getting their pink slips in response to student enrollment numbers that were less than the 28,000 the district planned for.

Spokeswoman Shana Kemp said that on Tuesday, “there will be some righsizing and some movement of teachers.”

Rightsizing as in layoffs?  Yes, Kemp said.

She declined to give a number of teachers who will get laid off from Summer Learning and More, the district’s $18 million summer school.  Students receive instruction in reading and math in the morning and enrichment — activities like hip-hop dancing, puppeteering, art, and music — in the afternoon.

On Friday, 23,417 students attended summer school, Kemp said.

Some have criticized the district for its spending on the program.  Last year, it spent $40 million on summer school; this year, it proposed spending $23 million on an 18-day program.  After talks with City Council, it trimmed the budget by $5 million.

But teachers told me last week that some classrooms had few students — if any — show up.  Read more about the program, and some of its defenders and critics, here.