School district responds to Assault on Learning

Check out the Philadelphia School District's response to "Assault on Learning," our investigative series on school violence.  There's a post on "A Broad View," the district's official blog. Find it at:

I'll let the district speak for itself, but I do want to address one point - "The Inquirer would like to parse numbers, but whether violence is down 29% or 22% over the past two years, the fact remains, it is down."  I think it's important to note that we're talking about reported violence, and as today's story found, there's plenty of violence that is not reported.  Also, the district uses raw violence numbers to arrive at this conclusion, but the district's enrollment has been declining every year, and that's not accounted for in raw numbers.

My colleague Dylan Purcell breaks down the numbers here:

The district says that all this week, they'll be posting essays from principals, teachers and community members talking about what's going on in schools.  I look forward to reading them.