Replacing Pedro Ramos: PFT, others weigh in

Pedro A. Ramos, Chairman, School Reform Commission speaks during a news conference at Andrew Jackson Elementary School, Thursday, May 9, 2013, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke)

In the "Who Should Replace Pedro Ramos on the SRC" department, more names have surfaced.

A coalition including the Philadelphia Federation of Teachers, Youth United for Change, and Action United has sent Gov. Corbett a letter with their choices: Penn Graduate School of Education professor Torch Lytle, a former Philadelphia School District administrator and Trenton superintendent; and Rev. Alyn Waller, senior pastor of Enon Tabernacle Baptist Church.

The groups had this to say:

"The Philadelphia school district has been starved of resources, and, too often, we’ve been starved of leaders who have the best interests of Philadelphia students and families in mind and heart. This combination of a lack of leadership and a lack of resources has had a disastrous impact on our schools.

We need a leader who knows Philadelphia. We need a leader who stands with teachers, support staff, parents and students. We need a leader who will put our kids above your politics, every time...

If we were allowed to democratically elect school board members, we’d cast our vote for either of these leaders. Both would be outstanding choices."

The groups note that they don't have a vote, but said they hoped Corbett give Lytle and Waller consideration."

Earlier in the week, state Rep. Mark Cohen (D., Phila.) suggested Corbett consider his predecessor, Ed Rendell, for the post.

What do folks think? Who SHOULD Corbett pick and, and who is he likely to pick?

State officials have said they will name a temporary replacement for Ramos "soon." A name could come as early as next week. The governor will also likely need to find a second SRC member, replacing Joseph Dworetzky, who was named by Gov. Rendell and is unlikely to be asked by Corbett to serve another term.

Check out the full letter.