Ramos, confirmed by Senate, is SRC chairman

Pedro Ramos is officially a member of the Philadelphia School Reform Commission.

Ramos, the former school board president, city solicitor and managing director, was confirmed by the Pennsylvania state Senate this afternoon.  Ramos, who was nominated by Gov. Corbett, also becomes SRC chairman.

Pedro A. Ramos is officially SRC chairman.

His term runs through January, 2014.

In a hearing before the Senate education committee earlier today, Ramos said the district is at a "critical juncture in which informed and active leadership is needed."

Sen. Andy Dinniman (D., Chester County), minority chair of the education committee, said he thought Ramos was the right person for a tough job.

"I think," Dinniman said, "Mr. Ramos is the key person now."

The SRC next meets on Wednesday.  Ramos will be in attendance.