New top cop for city schools

The Philadelphia School District has a new head of school security.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Carl Holmes started in the district last week, replacing Chief Inspector Cynthia Dorsey, who held the top safety job for less than a year.

Holmes, who has held multiple posts in the department, was recently under investigation by the police department’s Internal Affairs department for two separate incidents.

The incidents, first reported by the Daily News, included allegations of inappropriate behavior with a subordinate and shooting a raccoon outside his home.

Sources said that the allegations were not sustained.

The change in command was a police department decision, said district spokesman Fernando Gallard. For the past few years, the school system’s top safety official has been on loan from city police.

A police spokeswoman said that the change was made “based upon the needs of the department.”

Holmes has experience working with school-aged children. For a time, he headed the Police Athletic League.

He liked the post and appreciates the difference from typical police work.

“We’re dealing with a specialized population that has unique needs,” Holmes said of his new job. “It creates unique challenges, but allows us to do some innovative things as well with policing.”

Holmes, who played briefly in the National Football League, also holds a law degree. He has worked in the police department since 1990.